Emma C. Whitehead

PhD Student

It’s all part of the adventure. Emma earned her B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Johns Hopkins in December 2022. There, she found her love for research in Dr. Warren Grayson’s Lab. Her work focused on the craniofacial osteo-immune environment in native, diseased, and tissue-engineered conditions. She is excited to join the Segura Lab as a PhD student and is looking forward to moving her focus inside the skull – to study tissue engineering applications for the brain. When she’s not in lab, Emma can be found outdoors: probably distance running, but possibly backpacking (there was that time she accidentally hiked 840 miles…). She also loves to read and is more likely to hike with a book than water.
Singh S, Nyberg EL, O’Sullivan AN, Farris A, Rindone AN, Zhang N, Whitehead EC, Zhou Y, Mihaly E, Achebe CC, Zbijewski W, Grundy W, Garlick D, Jackson ND, Taguchi T, Takawira C, Lopez J, Lopez MJ, Grant MP, Grayson WL (2022). Point-of-care treatment of geometrically complex midfacial critical-sized bone defects with 3D-Printed scaffolds and autologous stromal vascular fraction. Biomaterials, 282, 121392.