Jeremy Thomas

PhD Student

He’s giving golden retriever energy. Prior to bringing much-needed Gen Z representation to the Segura Lab, Jeremy earned his B.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Texas A&M University in 2023. During his time there, he discovered a passion for tissue engineering in Dr. Akhilesh Gaharwar’s Lab, where he focused on 3D bioprinting, ranging from developing low-cost printing technology to creating novel bioinks. Jeremy also had the opportunity to explore other subfields of tissue engineering through two summer research programs: the summer before his junior year, he investigated the impact of fluorescent sensors on the formation dynamics of membraneless organelles under the guidance of Dr. Felipe Quiroz at Georgia Tech, and the summer before his senior year, he developed a novel method for creating hydrogels with stiffness gradients to study the effects of tissue stiffness on dendritic cell mobility under Dr. Derfogail Delcassian as a UC Berkeley Amgen Scholar. He is excited to join the Segura Lab as a PhD student and develop biomaterials for the brain. Outside of lab, Jeremy can be found playing percussion instruments, reading, or going to the gym!
Chimene D, Deo KA, Thomas J, Dahle L, Mandrona C, Gaharwar AK. (2022). Designing cost-effective open-source multihead 3D bioprinters. GEN Biotechnology, 1:4