Our Lovely

Undergraduate Mentees

Skyler Campbell

  • Mentor: Lindsay Riley, PhD
  • Project: Analyzing real MAP scaffolds using LOVAMAP and higher dimensional analysis
  • Skills: Matlab, Python, tSNE

Lauren Cao

  • Mentor: Kevin Erning
  • Project: Investigating vessel growth in the brain after stroke
  • Skills: Staining, imaging, and analysis of brain sections

Judy Chen

  • Mentor: Juhi Samal, PhD
  • Project: MALDESI data analysis for stroke brains
  • Skills: TBD

Mohanapriya (Mona) Cumaran

  • Mentor: Kevin Erning
  • Project: Biomaterial modulation of immune response after stroke
  • Skills: Stroke surgeries, sectioning, staining, flow cytometry, and analysis

Rachel Irengo

  • Mentor: Kevin Erning
  • Project: Behavioral studies of animal stroke models
  • Skills: Stroke surgeries, sectioning, staining, imaging, and analysis

Neica Joseph

  • Mentor: Kevin Erning
  • Project: Investigating tomato lectin for vessel imaging and quantification
  • Skills: Stroke surgeries, sectioning, staining, imaging, and analysis

Tas Miley

  • Mentor: Alejandra Suarez Arnedo
  • Project: Investigating how changes in MAP scaffold particle size modulates fibroblast activation
  • Skills: Microfluidics, cell culture, confocal microscopy

Long Nguyen

  • Mentor: Alex Anderson
  • Project: TBD
  • Skills: In vivo tumor surgeries, tissue processing, confocal microscopy

Samantha Owusu-Antwi

  • Mentor: Holly Lewis, MD, PhD
  • Project: Chemically engineering a bioscaffold for skin graft transplantation
  • Skills: Mouse skin surgery and organ procurement, cell purification for flow cytometry, histological processing

Hemil Patel

  • Mentor: Andrew Miller, MS
  • Project: TBD
  • Skills: Cell culture, SDS-PAGE, protein purification (His tag) processing

Rishi Rao

Arushi Sivasankar

  • Mentor: Briana Simms, PhD
  • Project: Evaluating the structure-function relationship between dendrimer-lipid hybrid macromolecules and their self-assembled structures
  • Skills: Synthetic organic chemistry, polymer synthesis, dynamic light scattering techniques, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy, high-performance liquid chromatography, fluorimetry

Valerie Tan Yi Jie 

  • Mentor: Nhi Phan, MEng
  • Project: MAP fabrication for astrocyte modulation
  • Skills: HCR/IHC, microfluidics

Neha Vutakuri

  • Mentor: Evan Kurt, MS
  • Project: Characterization and optimization of non-viral gene delivery of astrocytes
  • Skills: Non-viral transfection, nanoparticle preparation, primary cell culture

Grace Wei

  • Mentor: Lindsay Riley, PhD
  • Project: Scrutinizing 2-D and 3-D methodologies for determining void volume fraction of MAP scaffolds
  • Skills: FIJI, MATLAB, IMARIS, Python

Lucy Zhang

  • Mentor: Shangjing Xin, PhD
  • Project: Role of endogenous signals for stroke repair
  • Skills: Microfluidics, staining, imaging, analysis, Image J programming