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Poly (ethylene glycol)-poly (propylene sulfide)(PEG-PPS) hydrogels are injectable synthetic non-protease degradable hydrogels that allow cell spreading and proliferation in vitro and cellular infiltration in vivo. Further, this hydrogel promotes the survival of transplanted neural progenitor cells in the brain. PEG-PPS hydrogels form through a combination of hydrophobic interactions between the PPS domains and covalent bonds through disulfide exchange reactions of the polymer end groups.

Jianjun Zhang, Talar Tokatlian, Jin Zhong, Quinn KT Ng, Michaela Patterson, William E Lowry, S Thomas Carmichael, Tatiana Segura

Zhang J, Tokatlian T, Zhong J, Ng QKT, Patterson M, Lowry WE, Carmichael ST, Segura T