Suwei Zhu, PhD

Patent Agent, Nixon Peabody LLP, Los Angeles, CA

Suwei received her B.S. in Biological Science and in Economics at Peking University before joining the Segura lab at UCLA in 2010. Her PhD thesis was focused on the design and characterization of smart delivery platforms for protein therapeutics, as well as biocompatible polymers that can be used as implant coatings and dermal wound healing sealants. She then became a freaking patent attorney – yeah that happened. When she was in lab in Los Angeles, she said everyone would get together for dinner at restaurants where drinking would inevitably lead to spilling the beans…(note-to-self). But she also loved working and hanging out in a group with the undergraduate mentees. We love her advice to current students to take every manuscript preparation opportunity seriously because it’s the best time to hone in on writing skills and develop your critical thinking process.