Evan Kurt, PhD

Scientist, Immuno-Oncology Research, Immorna Biotherapeutics, Morrisville, NC

Let’s give you the full background for Evan: He received his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University in 2017. While there, he researched enhancing nonviral gene delivery through small molecule drug pathway inhibition. He went on to receive his M.S. in Biochemical Engineering from Villanova in 2018, completing his thesis on novel methods for CAR T cell generation in bioreactors. Evan continued his graduate studies and obtained his Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in 2023 at Duke University in the lab of [bet you can guess ]. Over his five years, Evan researched gene delivery from hydrogel scaffolds. He developed a new platform technology, flowable linked irregular particle (“FLIP”) scaffolds, to enable sustained nonviral and viral gene delivery, and he explored its potential for use in both tissue repair as well as a novel bioreactor-like system for biologics manufacturing.

Evan is an exceptionally efficient human being with a knack for tech stuff. Now that he’s gone, we may need to actually call IT for computer help…