Samantha Dominguez

Masters Student

Double, double, toil and probably getting into trouble. Sam graduated from Elon University in 2022 with a B.S. in Engineering concentrated on biomedical engineering and a minor in chemistry. She spent her gap year abroad teaching English at a medical sciences high school in the Czech Republic with the J. William Fulbright Commission. While most of the year offered more opportunities to build interpersonal skills and learn what her research interests might be, she was able to put her chemistry knowledge to use in the analysis of the delightful alchemy we call beer. In her first semester at Duke as an M.S. student in Biomedical Engineering, Sam joined the Segura Lab, where she is focused on the use of biomaterials in wound healing. She hopes to spend her time in the lab fine-tuning the use of flowable-linked particle (FLIP) hydrogel scaffolds to promote tissue regeneration for scarless skin wound healing. When Sam hangs up her lab coat for the day, she can frequently be found “lizarding” in the sun on the quad, running half-marathons (occasionally on accident…), watching movies, and playing pickleball and soccer with friends.