Evan Kurt, PhD

2018 - 2023

Q, Scotty, Tony Stark…you get what we mean. Evan is a 4th year BME PhD candidate in the Segura lab, working on gene delivery from hydrogels for tissue repair. Previously, Evan graduated with his B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Villanova University in 2017, followed by his M.S. in Biochemical Engineering in 2018 at Villanova, where he worked on culture optimization and gene delivery for CAR-T cells. With the Segura lab, he has changed his focus to developing methods for loading and release of nucleic acid nanoparticles from hydrogels, as well as using microporous scaffolds to enhance tissue transfection and regeneration in ischemic stroke. Outside of lab, Evan spends time on various electronics and computer projects, entertaining his pet chinchilla, and working AV production with Duke Technical Services.