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Angiogenesis after stroke is correlated with enhanced tissue repair and functional outcomes. The existing body of research in biomaterials for stroke focuses on hydrogels for the delivery of stem cells, growth factors, or small molecules or drugs. Despite the ability of hydrogels to enhance all these delivery methods, no material has significantly regrown vasculature within the translatable timeline of days to weeks after stroke. Here, two novel biomaterial formulations of granular hydrogels are developed for tissue regeneration after stroke: highly porous microgels (i.e., Cryo microgels) and microgels bound with heparin-norbornene nanoparticles with covalently bound SDF-1α. The combination of these materials results in perfused vessels throughout the stroke core in only 10 days, in addition to increased neural progenitor cell recruitment, maintenance, and increased neuronal differentiation.

Wilson KL Joseph NI Onweller LA Anderson AR Darling NJ David-Bercholz J Segura T