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Inflammatory bowel disease lacks a long-lasting and broadly effective therapy. Here, by taking advantage of the anti-infection and anti-inflammatory properties of natural antibodies against the small-molecule epitope phosphorylcholine (PC), we show in multiple mouse models of colitis that immunization of the animals with self-assembling supramolecular peptide nanofibres bearing PC epitopes induced sustained levels of anti-PC antibodies that were both protective and therapeutic. The strength and type of immune responses elicited by the nanofibres could be controlled through the relative valency of PC epitopes and exogenous T-cell epitopes on the nanofibres and via the addition of the adjuvant CpG. The nanomaterial-assisted induction of the production of therapeutic antibodies may represent a durable therapy for inflammatory bowel disease.

Curvino EJ Roe EF Freire Haddad H Anderson AR Woodruff ME Votaw NL Segura T Hale LP Collier JH