Yining Liu, PhD

Associate at McKinsey & Company

Yining completed her PhD in the Segura Lab where she designed different MAP scaffolds for wound healing and macrophage modulation. She not only studied how microgel size influences macrophage phenotype in vitro and in vivo, but she also shed light on the mysteries of how crosslinker chirality impacts immune response. After graduating, she went rogue and joined McKinsey & Co. as a management consultant.

Yining was one of the three girls to move the lab from UCLA to Duke, and she shared many sweet and fun memories with Tatiana (and her family). One of her top favorites has to be the time Tatiana came to support Yining in the front row of her 80’s rock concert performance where Yining was the lead singer!! Tatiana was singing along and dancing the whole time like a #1 fan 🤘🏼, which made Yining feel REALLY special.