Lina R Nih, PhD

UCLA, Assistant Professor in Neurology, Principal Investigator at the Lundquist Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Lina received her PhD in Paris, France, before joining the Segura Lab as a postdoc then Senior Scientist/Project Manager. She was co-mentored by Dr. Tom Carmichael at UCLA. Her projects focused on developing a hydrogel-assisted stem cell therapy and injectable pro-angiogenic drug delivery systems to promote brain repair after stroke. We have to list off what she misses about every student in the lab because it’s just too sweet: watching Shiva and Jon fight (daily), Don’s wisdom, Sandy’s perseverance, Suwei’s patience, Norman’s cooking, Talar’s gentleness, Cynthia’s sassiness, Elias’s fitness advice, Nikki’s organization skills, Alyson’s strength, Shayne’s optimism, and Sasha Cai’s kindness. And for the current students, she offers this advice: “You will have bad days, poor results, failed experiments, rejected papers, unfunded fellowships, harsh feedback. Just remember that all you need is Grit… Take a deep breath, re-focus, and get back up.”